About ADF

After my father died, February 2015, my mom (Dorina Schachter) and I decided that an assisted living facility could provide her with continued independence while offering support in the form of meals and cleaning and additional safety through assistance with her medications and by tracking her whereabouts in the event of a fall.

After looking at a number of assisted living facilities in the New York metropolitan area, we settled on the Sunrise facility in Stamford, Connecticut.

My mom who had been a bookkeeper for some thirty years, was a gentle woman, shy and loving, with a lifelong passion for the outdoors and who, at the time she moved into Sunrise, delighted in little treats like getting her hair and nails done, taking walks in the country and spur of the moment lunches with me. The photos of my mom in this post are of us enjoying such an outing just 11 days before she was found on the floor of her room. [excerpt from the court filed amended complaint.]

When Sunrise Failed to protect my mom and denied any responsibility for her protection in court, I founded The Alzheimer’s Defense Fund to prevent others from losing their parent to the negligence of these places. And, to hold these places accountable for the care and wellness of their residents.

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